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Now is the time to love our veterans. We need to help them make the transition from warrior to civilian. As the war ends for us civilians here at home,  the war will take months and even years to end for those who fought and bravely served our country. For some the war will forever be with them. All men and women who served on the front in any war will carry emotional scars forever. Some will bury the memories, others will heal and still others will never be able to heal.  As a nation, we need to love them through it.

It’s especially hard for young warriors who went directly into the military after high school or after college.  These veterans have not established careers in the civilian sector and have no clue what it is like to work day-to-day, side-by-side with civilians.  These young vets have worked in an environment of total team work with their comrades, their brothers and sisters in arms.  They were trained and ingrained with the belief in sacrifice of self for the good of all.  They trust their fellow vets with their life and would lay down theirs for them.  They never have to worry if someone has their back because they all have each others’.  All these are noble efforts but very out of place and even laughed at and mocked in the civilian work force.  This is part of what is so hard and frustrating for military veterans when returning to civilian life.  Those of us who have made the journey from combat vet to civilian life need to be there for our vets now returning to civilian life.  Be mentors, counselors and friends to help the veterans make the adjustment to the world as we call it.

Throughout our history our veterans have been forgotten and abandoned after war is over. We can make a difference!  Vote and stay on our government officials to not let them forget our veterans who have sacrificed so much for us.

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