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As with everything I write, it is my opinion and you have a right – even a duty – to disagree with me.  I have fought for your right to be wrong (he types with a snide smile)!  I don’t claim to be an expert and I’m wary of those who claim to be.  Many so-called experts became experts by reading something.  My knowledge comes as I have lived: from experiencing life with my eyes and ears wide open.  Ultimately, my knowledge comes from having lived and fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have read the “Koran” in an English translation by an English-speaking Muslim.  Most translations are by Christian Westerners who speak Arabic as a second language.  Their translations are influenced by their Christian/Western beliefs.  Some may ask why read the Koran?  My answer to that is, “Know thy enemy.”


I love history.  I have studied the Mideast and yes, Christians and countries have invaded and done unspeakable things to Muslims. The Koran says that all people must become Muslim.  This is my loose interpretation of what is means:  non-believers are to be killed or enslaved to serve them. Those Muslims we call liberal or moderate Muslims are not following the Koran; but push comes to shove, they will also become our enemies rather than turn on the strict followers/extremists.

History has shown us that for centuries the people of Afghanistan and Iraq have led tribal community lives.  Their loyalties have been to their religious, warlords and tribal leaders.  They live by the code of the vendetta.  Their leaders understand this!  That’s why for centuries they have committed genocide against each other.  If they kill the father then the mother will raise her children, the clan, and the tribe to hate those who killed her husband.  The children will be raised to hate and want revenge on the murders.  That is why they attack and wipe out whole families, clans, tribes or ethnic groups like the Kurds villages of recent years.  It’s a gang mentality:  “We’re family and everyone else is our victims that we distrust!”

It would be unspeakable today for the US and NATO Coalition forces to go into a city and kill every living thing.  So, in a long-winded and round-about-way…do you understand the futility of the wars we are fighting?  For all the US and Coalition forces lives lost and wounded, and billions of dollars spent, it will all implode once we’re gone.

I went and served and did my duty to the best of my ability.  I will go again if asked because I, too, have the mentality, “Right or wrong it’s my country, my tribe, my gang, and clan. “

Wow.  We’re not so different…are we?

It’s time to bring our brave men and women home and defend our borders.  It’s time to spend all that money at home making our borders secure and build our economy.  A strong economy and strong military is our best defense.

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