Veterans Day celebrates the service of all those who served in any of the branches of the military. Though families certainly play an integral role and live a military life, November 11 is set aside to honor those who wear/wore the uniform.

This day didn’t start out as “Veterans Day”; it began as “Armistice Day on November 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of WWI. Congress decided to observe this day annually with a resolution in 1926. In 1938, it became the national holiday it is today.

Flags will fly, parades will flow and politicians will spew respect and honor for those who serve our country. But few politicians will back it up with legislation or money that support the veterans or his family.

The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that almost 39,500 veterans are homeless.

What about the current political leaders?

Trump neither served nor empathizes with the sufferings of Prisoners of war. His verbal demeaning of POWs and veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is well documented.

Pence neither served nor tolerates veterans who are homosexual, female or transgender. Rather than provide financial support, he prefers to legislate intolerance.

Ryan has not served. In 2013 he voted yea on the Pay Your Guard and Reserve Act and nay on the Authorizes Military Sexual Assault Victims to Decide Who Determines Their Case. In 2011 he voted yea on Terminating the Home Affordable Modification Program.

McConnell’s military or lack of experience is closely guarded by the Senator. Methinks there is something stinky there. His voting records indicate he votes for military funding but nays funding for veterans, healthcare for veterans, and American jobs.

Yet the speeches these politicians give today will be rapturous in their praise of veterans.

Remember this…these politicians and not the military leaders or the troops they lead…decide if our servicemen and women go to war. They decide if our veterans receive any raises, if our homeless veterans receive the care and assistance they lack, if those who suffer mental, emotional and physical traumas receive the care and counseling they need, if the Veterans Affairs Administration cares responsibly for our veterans and assign the highest percentage of care to which they are entitled.

Any person in a position in Congress or the White House decides if our veterans are truly honored for their duty and commitment to serve our country, and to sacrifice their lives when called upon to do so.

If…they are elected.

Voting isn’t just about who sits in the White House or which party dominates legislative seats. It’s about those you love and honor, your values, morality and priorities.

If you truly want to honor the veterans in your family and this country, make voting day Veterans Day. Vote for those who honor and care for your veterans as much as you do. They deserve no less.

To all veterans on this, your special day: thank you for your service.