Why a guest column?

In Country and Behind the Wire – Searching for Peace

This column will become a collection of thoughts from combat veterans who have been there…done that…and seen that; but still have kept faith in themselves and in the universal goodness of humanity.

From time to time I will invite a veteran to write his/her thoughts into a column, a brief article, written especially for this web site. On occasion, family members of a veteran may also be invited to write about their veteran.

The topic will be chosen by the veterans (or family members) themselves.  Other than the usual impersonal editing of grammar or punctuation, these articles will be solely the words of the veterans or family members, and not reflective of my own personal thoughts, opinions, ideas, or observations.  This is an open forum, and because it is on my web site and my column…a safe one for them in which to share.  No judgement will be given by me, but I do maintain the right to publish or not to publish any work submitted to me.

Perhaps in sharing his or her thoughts, observations, opinions, and concerns., we…veterans and nonveterans alike…can more fully understand the immediate and generational impact of war.  Not as an objective, critical mass, but simply as humans connected in our desire to be good, live well and establish harmony upon this earth for everyone.

To all the combat veterans currently reading these words…

Thank you for your service.

I am glad you made it back.

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